Cannot convert AVI2MPG with TMPGEnc and VirtualDub can't read audio

I have an AVI movie that I want to convert to VCD with TMPGEnc. When I try to open it with TMPGEnc, an error message appears saying that the file cannot be opened, or is unsupported.
It does work in WMP9, but when I try to open it in VirtualDub, this error message appears:

VirtualDub has detected an improper VBR audio encoding in the source AVI file and will rewrite the audio header with standard CBR values during the processing for better compatibility. This may introduce up to 0 ms of skew from the video stream. If this is unacceptable, decompress the enire audio stream to an uncompressed WAV file and recompress with a constant bitrate encoder (bitrate: 128.0 ± 0.0 kbps)

What does this mean, and is it still possible to convert it into a VCD?

Select no when you get that error message and have you tried to frameserve it into TMPGEnc using VirtualDubMod?

There isn’t a ‘No’ option, only ‘OK’. And how do I do that other thing?

Ok, I downloaded VirtualDubMod and there is a ‘No’ option. How do I frameserve into TMPGEnc?

  1. Odd… I get a window like this:

  2. Frameserving

Well, I had the same problem when I tried to open some AVIs with VirtualDub, and, after several days of searching and trying, I finally found the ONLY 100% EFFECTIVE SOLUTION. That stuff about decompressing and recompressing doesn’t work: after the whole process it loses sync between video and audio.
First of all, let’s understand the problem:
You have an AVI file which’s audio is encoded with VBR (Variable Bit Rate). This is very frequently used, but is not “technically correct” for AVI files. VirtualDub suggests decompressing the audio and recompressing it with CBR (Constant Bit Rate). This, no matter which way you do it, which program you use, which BitRate you choose, won’t work. You will never get sync between Audio and Video.
There’s a program called VirtualDubMod. It’s a variation of VirtualDub, with a lot of great add-ons, but still has this same problem: can’t handle files with VBR without losing sync. There’s another program called NanDub. It’s another variation of VirtualDub specially designed to work with files with VBR. It doesn’t alert anything when you open the file. The problem is that it just doesn’t work: when trying to save the file, although you’ve already selected the desired compression, it doesn’t compress anything and writes entire raw video data. This generates a file of approximately 80 GB. Not to mention that IT DOESN’T WRITE ANY AUDIO DATA AT ALL. Maybe it’s my fault, but it’s a lot different and harder to use than VirtualDub. Searching a lot more, I discovered that an earlier version of VirtualDubMod (the first variation I mentioned) has a checkbox in the lower left corner of the “Open Video File” dialogue that reads “NanDub VBR MP3 compatibility mode”. I can’t imagine why they left out this option in newer versions. So, to sum up, you need VirtualDubMod
Download it from
As you might have already guessed, problems don’t stop here: VirtualDubMod has always been distributed in two packages: one for the program files and another for the DLL files. And also, as an option, an “ALL INCLUSIVE” package, which includes both. But the problem is that they discontinued the DLL package as well as the “ALL INCLUSIVE” for older versions, so, if you download and install from the url I gave you, it won’t work yet. You need to get the DLLs from a newer version. Download it from
Now extract all files from the version (the firs link) into a folder. Then, extract all DLL files from the version (second link) to the same folder. MORE PROBLEMS: the older version uses some DLL files that the newer doesn’t, so you need to get them from somewhere else. These files are libpng.dll and zlib.dll.
You can get them from these addresses (these are the versions that work with this program, it took me a while to find them, because they are also older versions, and newer versions won’t work with VirtualDubMod, so don’t try getting them from other addresses):
They are both within zip files, so you need to open the files you downloaded and extract both DLL files into VirtualDubMod folder.
Congratulations!!! You did it! Finally! Now, open VirtualDubMod, choose File>Open video file. Check the “NanDub VBR MP3 compatibility mode” checkbox before selecting the file, and then just open the file you want. You should know that you can’t change anything about the audio stream (compression, conversion, etc) or it will lose sync. Be sure that “Direct Stream Copy” is selected in the Audio menu. That’s it. You can do whatever you want to the video stream without losing sync in an AVI file with VBR audio encoding. It’s also possible that you won’t hear any audio when playing the opened video file in VirtualDubMod, but it will be perfect when you save it and open it with a Video Player such as Windows Media Player, DivX Player, or any other.
Hope it helps, I couldn’t find this solution anywhere, I had to discover it myself, so read this and you won’t have to go to so much trouble as I did. Greetings,




Nice tip.

Fixed my problem with VD audio.



The real problem is that that some peeps illegally downloading movies and then come here whining how to convert them… :frowning: