Cannot compress movie using Recode 2!

I have a non-protected DVD that I ripped with DVD Decrypter. When I tried to burn it with Nero Recode 2, I got an error saying that the compilation exceeded target size. I have Fit-to-Target turned on, and it says that the files are 5.32GB in size! The compression sliders are not moveable at all!

What’s interesting is that I seem to have two sets of the movie - If I open up “Main Movie”, I see “Title 1,2”, and if I open up “Extras”, I see “Title 3,4”, “Title 5,6”, etc., all the way down to “Title 59,60”. If I only recode the main movie, I get a popup that says that Recode 2 has detected more than one title which could be the main movie, and sure enough, there are two listed, “Title 1”, and “Title 2”, which are both identical in size and duration. If I go back to DVD Decrypter, and look at the DVD in “IFO” mode, I see two or four “PGC” for each VTS, and the PGC’s look identical.

So am I somehow making two copies of the same movie, and if so, is there anyway to skip one set, either through DVD Decrypter or Nero Recode? I am using latest version of each.


I have a similar problem when trying to recode the red hot chilli peppers live at slane castle. after processing I get a file size which is too big. can anybody help please. thanks in advance.

This seems to be your problem. Try deleting the files that you suspect to be the same movie and encode the others. You should have a movie which fits onto a DVD-5. Burn to a DVD-/+RW to test or use a virtual drive so you don’t waste DVD+/-R.

Anyone tried to set the destination size manually to 4400 ?

With 2 identical streams u have normally a dvd with multi angles, u just have to try which is the right one, the differences between the angles are normally the language in the Intro like in “Troy”. 1st Angle English says TROY, 2nd Angle German says TROJA for example.