Cannot change region code from 'None' on Memorex Dual Format dvd burner

I have a Memorex dual format double layer DVD burner (16x/2.4x/8/4/16) model 32023282 and after a recent upgrade in my Nero program seem to have lost my region code in my burner. I can no longer burn DVD’s to play in my regular console deck.

When I use Nero’s info tool it says Region Code ‘None’. I tried changing the region code (says I have 5 changes left…) it says I can’t do it because I do not have admin privileges, which I do.

Any ideas or programs I can use to get my region code opened up?

bump… anyone have any info?

bump… anyone?

someone’s got to have some idea of what to do here…

That shouldn’t affect the regiocode unless you use a dvd player software or change the region manually.
Re-install the drive using Devicemanager.

If you are using hacked firmware you can’t change the region code. Just a thought.