Cannot change C2/PIF color in 'DiscQuality' Scan!



no matter what color i change it to pif always shows up as dark green during scanning even tho the square color-key [both in the settings and in discquality scan tab] shows the correct color ive selected, but the actual color in the PIF box shows dark green! im using CD-DVD Speed v4.04. id appriciate it if som1 can help me out with this problem.


I have the same problem. Does anyone know a solution?


Check if in options you select “Custom”. If you don’t select custom, cd-dvd speed will show always selected color scheme even if you change some colors.


Geno is spot on as usual! I just realised how to do this myself, the other day. :slight_smile:



Thanks :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, in this case it’s not so simple. I’ve selected the custom option.
Here is a picture:


Make sure this box is checked on 4.04 :wink:


Yes, this solved the problem, though I use 4.50.
Alas, I don’t like the green background, :o so it’s not a real solution to me. Anyway, thanks very much. :flower: