Cannot capture from NTSC-VHS w/ ShowBiz



I own a HP DVD Writer dc4000 and use ShowBiz DVD
I had no problems to capture, edit and burn a DVD from PAL-VHS recordings.
When I tried to do the same wih my NTSC recordings, I had no file created. The NTSC recordings show on the ShowBiz screen, but as soon as you start to capture, the screnn goes black and no data are written to the harddisc.
Does anyone have a suggestion how to solve this problem?
The recording was made in the US from TV.
Thanks for any help.


I trust you have figured out a solution by this time, but if not, my suggestion is that you go back to your capture device and make sure you have changed the video setting from PAL to NTCS there in addition to anything you may have tried on Showbiz.