Cannot burn wma 10 lossless track using Nero

Has anyone had any problems burning wma lossless (wmp 10) tracks onto CD using Nero? I have version, not the latest.

If it is not possible to use Nero, then is there another burning app that would support wma 10 lossless? Thanks

Yes, I have lots of trouble buring WMA files using Nero. That’s because they are most likely DRM protected :disagree: and you will only be able to burn them to CD from inside Windows Media player (or other legal software) [U]IF[/U] you have a purchased the license from the appropriate site.

Looks like this isn’t easy to do unless you use wmp. I’m not sure what you mean by “other legal software”. My Nero is legal. Are you saying I would also have to purchase a license from somewhere (I assume to burn wma files?

This Nero version is so darn obsolete.

Use anewer version or another proggy.
Download the wma plugin from Nero too.

What I am saying is that if the WMA files have DRM protection (i.e. they were downloaded from a paid site like Nero won’t burn them. You would have to burn them from inside a proggy that recognizes the protection and can validate that you are the owner. If you have simply ripped the files from your own CD to a lossless WMA, Nero should burn them just fine.

I ripped the files from a library CD, so I don’t know why I can’t burn them. Maybe there was something wrong with the particular wma file, I may try another file, or as chef says download a wma plugin. Thanks.