Cannot burn with CLONEDVD



Have just got a trial version of CloneDVD which I set at internal burner and asked it just to copy the movie only onto the hard drive which it did to to form a file video_TS. When I asked it to burn to a DVD it said it was too big even at around 4 gig. Yet Nero burned it no problem. Why will CLONEDVD not burn it.
Also in passing when the trial expires where do i insert the serial number.


Probably because the VIDEO_TS folder exceeds by a few MBs.


The size of the file is 4489 mb which Nero finds no problem handling.

I did notice that when I copied the Video_Ts that when CLONEDVD got to 95% it hung for about 3 minutes then went up to 98% and said the copy was finished and fine but it did not complete to 100%.


That file is too large for a single layer, are you using a dual layer burner?


I am a Pionee 108 which is double layer but I only want to compress to one disk & as I said Nero will do it.


A single layer DVD can store up to about 4383MB of data.