Cannot burn music to CDs but can burn Burn DVDs perfectly?

the last time actually decided to burn a CD was last year, but in the past week I have music on the PC that I would like on on to CD. The last time I did it that it was fine but like I say that was last year. Now I`m having trouble trying to burn a single track onto a CD. Here is the error message I receive in Media player:
Windows Media Player cannot burn the files to the CD. Verify that the disc is clean and not damaged. If necessary, select a slower recording speed or try a different brand of blank discs.

Ive tried different software including Windows media player and free easy burner. I have also lowered the burn speed in media player to see if that would help and the result is still the same. I have also tried other software to burn music on the CDs and the same thing happens.
Ive tried all sorts of different brand names including sony. I have just tried to burning again on normal 700mb CD-R and the first tracked was burned out of 17 then the same error message came up.

Anybody any ideas of what is happening? Is it something I am doing wrong. Any infowould be much appreciated and thank you for reading.

Brand/model and age of burner? Does the drive read CD’s? You can try cleaning the laser/lens. There is no simple answer to trouble shooting this type of problem.

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you happen to have a Pioneer DVR-112 series drive?
If so, then this might be the reason:
(Pioneer USA support notification)

We have several threads about this issue in our forums:


Thanks for replying the brand is a [B]Pioneer[/B] DVD-RW 1112d is about 2 years old now.
The drive still reads CDs, I watch DVDs, play music CDs and games and stuff with it.

What is the best way to clean the laser/lens?


What is the best way to clean the laser/lens?[/QUOTE]At first: none of these “cleaner discs”!
If you don’t want to dismantle the drive, you can try compressed air. Such is sold canned in electronic stores.
In case you want to dismantle the drive, use some lint-free cloth (and perhaps some Isopropanol) to clean the lens. If there is only some dust, one of these soft brushes (with blower) as used for camera lens should work also.