Cannot burn mode2 quickly or reliably

yes, my burner is old. it’s a 40125s. latest firmware. dma enabled.

and i’ve found that i cannot burn mode2 over 20x speed.

when i try to burn vcd/svcd’s, which are mode2, at 24x, i get nasty burn rings on the disc, and the disc ends up being unreadable.
burning at 40x is even worse, with Nero ScanDisc indicating that the disc is damaged.

mode1 burns usually aren’t a problem.

is there an explanation for this?

I hate wasting blanks due to mode2 f*ck ups.

Has this only occurred on one type of media or has it occurred across more then one type?

so far burn rings have occurred on TY and CMC.

these are the only media i’ve used so far.


I did a 40x mode2 burn on a Ridata ritek, and although there were no burn rings, the cd turned out with lots of sectors damaged. The disc was physically unscratched though.

I just tried mode2 on a ritek at 20x speed, and the burner made the same burn ring as it did on the CMC.

i recently upgraded the firmware from zs0p to zs0r. I think the firmware fuxed it up. :frowning:

i downgraded the fw back to version zs0p, and there are no burn rings at 20x mode2 anymore.

however, 24x mode2 has produced burn rings and unreadable discs in the past.

this is chitty.:a :a