Cannot burn DVDs

I have a CD/DVD ROM (HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4120B) and a DVD burner (Optorite DVD RW DD0201)

I tried to play an original DVD and neither drive would recognise it. After investigation I found out I needed to instal a DVD Decoder. This I did and now that part of the problem is fixed.

However, When I

  1. try to burn an ISO image to DVD using DVD Decrypter the software ‘goes through the motions’ but the disc is empty after the process. This is the opposite of what the software is telling me.

  2. burn an mp3 DVD using Nero 6 the software again goes through the motions but nothing is on the disc.

I have checked the device manager and I cannot find any newer drivers and ‘enable CD recording’ on this drive is ticked. However, I have noticed that I cannot check the box on both burners simultaneously Is this a red herring tho?).

I have also checked IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service and it is set to automatic

I have replaced the IDE cable as Optorite’s website said that could be the problem. Tried burning ISO file again but still no joy.

This may be another red herring but I have three virtual drives (H + H DVD-ROM DVD-41SD SCSI CdRom Device [CD-ROM drive]) that I have had to disable to allow me to burn CDs using MusicMatch Jukebox. Could this be affecting anything?

In short please could someone give me any hints and tips as to how

  1. I can burn a DVD

  2. How I can tick ‘enable CD recording’ to stay on both burners


Disable the IMAPI Burn Engine service.

Use DVDDecrypter or Nero and perform a burn with VERIFY.

Your drives should recognize a DVD movie (pressed) regardless if there is a (mpeg2)decoder installed or not…

Disabled IMAPI and burned with verify but still no joy!

Then IT IS burnt, otherwise an (successful) verify would be impossible.
Simulation has to be disabled, of course.

Some software conflict with media recognition then, I suspect.

Sorry - guess I did not make myself clear. Tried to burn with verify but would not verify!
Have been advised that laser may have gone AWOL (burner is approx 18 months old and has burnt approx 50 - 70 DVDs).
Deciding to cut my losses and buy a new burner.
Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions, but I think my burner is on it’s way to DVD heaven!

Mh, ok.

You could try to clean the lens of the drive as an last option.