Cannot Burn DVD's with label on

Hi there, I do not know if anybody has an answer for this or even ran into the same problem I have, however here it is: I am using a BTC DVD burner and have been using Verbatim DVD-R DVDS, I had no problem burning any DVDS at all until I added the label on the DVDs before I burned the copy of my movies. So I upgraded to the Latest version of Cone-DVD and again the same problem. I also upgraded to the latest firmware version of my BTC Burner and still the same problem the DVD is not loading in all of my DVD players and not recognized on my PC either. So I purchased more DVDs with a label already on the DVD and again the same problem, my DVD players are telling me Loading,Loading the DVD, never stops loading until I remove the DVD from the DVD player. This error is with any DVD I would like to make a backup copy.
Any Idea what might the problem is ? Also I am looking for an older version of clone DVD prior to version.7.1.1
Thanks for any help in advance.

the answer is simple dont use labels. and as far as the media you purchased with the labels allready on it. well it is probably crap media I have never seen quality media that comes with label’s allready on it.

I’m just wondering why you are putting the label on before you burn?

I really do not know why I put on the labels, I guess I just wanted to put on the labels to speed things up.

I do not understand why I can use the media with my backup software (NOVA-Backup) with no problem at all, I just can’t use it to burn DVD movies?

The media I added the labels on is from Verbatim and the media I purchased with labels allready on it is from clear image (DVD-R)

Regarding the DVD media with labels allready on it, (this is for ISS ) it is not crapy media I burned DVD movies with this media prior to version So I do not understand why this media is not working with version and above?


The problem with labels is they cause problems with disc’s one notable problem is they unbalance the disc and this is probably why your burn is failing when you attach the label before burning.

as far as the clearimage media goes I have never heard of them and since virtually all reputable manufater’s of media recommend you NOT put labels on a disk I would have my doubts about their quality. you can download DVDInfo and it will tell you who the maufacturer of the disk is.

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A quick Google Search concerning DVD Paper Labels will reveal numerous reports of problems.

DVDs are different than CDs because a DVD spins faster and gets hotter. Because the DVD spins faster dynamic balance is more critical. The Paper Label can unbalance the DVD which cause read error problems because the DVD disk spins at a very fast speed and this imbalance will introduce wobble (just like an unbalanced car wheel) and the laser will be unable to focus properly on the DVD disk. DVDs have a higher data density than CDs and have less tolerance for wobble.

The Paper Label is also very sensitive to humidity and contracts and expands. If the paper expands and contracts the glue holding the paper to the disc surface can pull away the lacquer & reflective layer. The reflective layer sits right above the dye layer resulting in a destroyed disk. Also the DVD disk gets hot when read by the laser and the glue begins to become soft you may find the Paper Label coming off inside your DVD player/recorder with disastrous consequences.

Many people use markers to write on the surface of their DVDs when labeling their media. What most people do not know is that using markers such as Sharpies, ballpoint pens, or any other sharp object can be very damaging to the DVD media. Ordinary felt tipped markers use solvents that can attack the protective coating on DVDs and ruin your data. (You can tell by the strong smell of the felt tip whether it’s solvent based). Most markers contain chemicals that create oxidation, which can deteriorate the DVD. The oxidation can ruin the aluminum that covers the surface of the media and ultimately can destroy the data on the DVD disk. Special pens are now sold which are made specifically for writing on DVD media. One brand is called Staedtler Lumocolor CD/DVD Markers.

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Labeling CD-R’s Or DVDR’s with sticky labels is a very bad idea. Through experience over the years I’ve found this practice will make enormous disc errors to the point of not being able to read the disc at all. It may be a combination of the glue used contaminating the disc and/or unbalancing of the disc causing the wobble effect. In fact a DVD spins much faster than a CD so any unbalancing will cause problems. I’ve actually had DVDR’s labeled that would not play on any DVD player including my DVDRW computer drives. I removed the label (not an easy task but lighter fluid for 10 minutes works the best) and presto the DVD was playable again. A word to the wise DO NOT LABEL BLANK MEDIA with sticky labels! :iagree:

One word… Sharpie.

Hello Folks,

I am not so sure about using a Sharpie a mark a CD/DVD.

The following is a publication by the National Institute Of Standards and Technology - U.S. Department of Commerce Titled “Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs”

I personally use a water based a felt tip maker specifically manufactured to write on CD/DVD like the Staedtler Lumoclor CD/DVD maker.

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I have never had a problem and I have disc that are 7 years old and older (maybe even older) so I will still use a sharpie. :slight_smile:

DVD media with a label already affixed to one side seems to be getting more common each day. They are available from a number of quality media manufacturers, and not limited to brand names one might characterize as low quality.

How about using a inkjet printer that can print directly onto DVD’s? Any problems with that?

ohhh. what Markers do u recommend??..what about a Sanford Vis-a-Vis??.. anyone knows it?

How about using a inkjet printer that can print directly onto DVD’s? Any problems with that?

I’ve not had any problems with them. Imatation, Verbatim, Fuji, both the white back and the silver colored dvd’s/cd’s work very well, I even print them before I burn. I wouldn’t concern any of those brands cheap either.

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:doh: BTW, hub labels don’t seem to cause problems, but full face? Bad idea.

Hub Labels R All Good… I Have Made Duplicates Of Over 400 Movies, All Of Which Have Hub Labels, And Not One As Caused Any Problems.

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what if you put the label on after you burn the dvd? i was wanting to give it a try, but didnt know if it would cause problems? has anyone had any success doing this, i have seen several kits with the cd stomper like neato and memorex.

Nope, doesn’t work that way either.
I’ve done several movies in this fashion. The ones that didn’t have skipping issues, over a very short amount time also became unplayable.
Re-did all those movies with the printable style discs and haven’t had any problems so far. (Over 500 movies) One thing I have noticed with this is that my system won’t burn them properly if I print them before hand. It always has to be after the movie is burned. The dvd player seems to be more forgiving at reading compared to the computers writing.

JP, what do you mean by printable style discs?