Cannot burn DVDs on new DW1655


I bought a new Benq DW1655 from newegg for my new build, and still have not been able to burn any DVDs on it. I’ve installed Nero 7 Essentials, and every time I try to burn a DVD I get a “Session fixation error”. I’ve tried also on ImgBurn but I get the same error (probably it’s using the same ASPI driver?). I’m using a new spindle of Verbatim DVD+R 16X, from which I’ve tried discs from the top and bottom of the splindle, just in case it’s a bad batch. Last night I also bought some Memorex Lightscribe DVD+Rs that I saw on sale, and I got the same error. After trying multiple times on the same disc I get a power calibration error too.

I’ve been reading on these forums and others about the session fixation error and I’ve found several suggestions, but nothing seems to fix the problem for me. DMA is enabled, I’ve reinstalled Nero several times (using the Nero cleaner), I’ve tried different media, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this work, or do I just have a bad drive? Unfortunately I was getting ready to RMA this thing to newegg but now it seems they are not selling DVD writers anymore (anyone knows why?).

By the way, I’ve been able to burn a CD on the drive without a problem. I’ve also swapped and been able to burn DVDs with a new NEC 4570A.

I forgot to mention that I’ve also tried several different firmware versions on it. It originally came with BCHB but I also tried BCDB and BCGB. Didn’t seem to make a difference. Thanks for your help!

Try it in another computer - then you can definitely see if the software is problem or not.

I tried the same drive on my old computer, using Nero 6 instead, and I still ran into the same session fixation error. So, do I assume the drive is bad, or is there anything else I can try?

Unless one of our resident gurus comes up
with a solution, it’s probably time to RMA. :sad:

jandrade you’re probably one of the unlucky ones to get a drive that has ‘escaped’ quality control. Happened to me a few times too with different brands/models. I’d do what Chuck44 suggested, give it back.

I guess I will just have to send it back, even though I really wanted this drive. Unfortunately newegg is no longer selling Benq DVD writers anymore.