Cannot burn DVD for player




I was using a philips DVD8631 and could not copy a (unprotected) DVD using Nero’s copy or DVD Decrypter.

Hearing all of the comments about what a poor drive this is I have had DELL replace it with an NEC3530A. Sadly, I am having the same problems.

As a test I have grabbed an ISO using DVD Decrypter from an unprotected DVD-ROM (which is DVD-VIDEO; it has the AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders.) I then burn the image onto a DVD+RW (don’t want to waste DVD+R until I succeed using rewritables!) It works in the burner, but my player (which plays the original OK) won’t wear it.

The player is a Samsung DVD-P147 which claims to support DVD-R, +R, DVD+RW, -RW “depending on recording conditions”. It also states in the manual that it supports DVD, VIDEO-CD & AUDIO-CD.

I have tried re-flashing to Liggy’s v3.01 firmware so that I can try using the bitsetting function. Can I simply change the bitsetting so that DVD-ROM is written to DVD+RW & DVD+R then erase and re-burn? Tried this and still no luck.

There seem to be a lot of people having the same problem (but I’m only backing up an unprotected Video DVD.) Can anyone provide me with a magic bullet?

Oh, BTW: Media …
(TDK DVD+R) RICOHJPN R02 (003) - worked* using the old Philips
(Verbatim DVD+RW) MKM A02 (000) - doesn’t work
(SONY DVD-RW) - doesn’t work
(IMATION DVD+RW) - doesn’t work

Have been trying to get this sorted out for weeks so I hope someone can help!



What speed are you burning at? Most of your media is marginal. Try some Verbatim 16x media, FujiFilm made in japan, or other mij media and try again.


Tried the TDK with the new burner? A lot of Samsung players listed at VideoHelp don’t seem to like RW media at all.


Thanks for your replies.

I have since tried burning to the TDK DVD+R media and the Samsung DVD player is happy. So Samsungs assertions that their player supports DVD-RW & DVD+RW are either false or require specific media… I’m trying to find out more.



A lot of the +RW and -RW media are not very good quality. If you get some high quality ±RW media, you will have better results. But the best ±RW is not as good as medium grade + or - R’s.


totally agree why use rewritables at all cos discs are cheap as chips now some machines are better than others at reading rewritables exspecialy the new machines but most scip easily and damage easily