Cannot Burn DVD at 20x


I just bought a Lite-On LH-20A1L SATA with firmware BL02.
I cannot burn Verbatim branded MCC 03RG20 at 20x
with Nero or Nero CD-DVD Speed What is going on here? Is it the media i am using? or what?


Only select discs can be oversped upto 20x. Most 16x media will only allow 18x speeds.

LiteOn by default only allow an increase of one speed rating when overspeeding media. There are modified firmware that allows the increase upto 20x for most 16x media but not all will support it. The MCC004 16x media I have used fails to burn at 20x and errors out.

Hi qwakrz,

You would not happen to know of any discs that can be oversped to 20x?


YUDEN000 T03 and TYG03 spring to mind. SONY 16D1 (16x -R) and CMC MAG. AM3 (16x -R) do as well, AFAIK.

According to the Lite-On website the following media are supported/suggested at 20x

Media Type         Manufacturer	        Media ID
 16x DVD+R         TAIYO YUDEN          YUDEN000-T03
 16x DVD+R         MBI                  MBIPG101-R05
 16x DVD-R   	   TAIYO YUDEN          TYG03
 16x DVD-R 	   CMC  	        CMC MA-G.AM3
 16x DVD-R  	   SONY  	        SONY16-D1 

C0deKings FB-EOS patched firmware also allows other 16x media to be burned at 20x speed, you can find more information here. Unfortunately only BL01 firmware is available yet.