Cannot burn copies of kids movies anymore

For over a year when I buy the kids movies I could burn a copy and let them use the copy instead of orig. as they tend to be tuff on them. In the 14 months since I owned this Dell E310 I had no problems with the E:Drive which is a HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GWA4164B Now in the last 4-5 weeks I cannot burn any DVD’s.
I use to use NERO and thought that might be the problem so I uninstalled and re-installed. That didn’t fix it. So I uninstalled it again and used img burn to convert the files to an .iso then tried to burn with Imgburn. Here is the erros with image burn

I’ve checked all the running processes, defrag, checked DMA, emptied temp, turned off Norton etc., over and over again. I used Fuji DVD+R (which is what I have been using with no problems for over 12 months) then tried Sony and Verbatium DVD+R and DVD-R.

So after weeks of this lady pulling her hair out trying to burn a DVD+R I tried burning a song from my windows media player to a CD-R and it worked!

So is my burner still working since it did the song?

I’m begining to think all the stress of this is not worth it and I should just buy a new burner but I’m not sure what to get that would work in my Dell E310. Thanks for any future help Deb

Practically all of the new dvds are copy protected. Try using Ripit4me. you can get it over here:

I did use ripit4me ! Tried burning with files with Nero, then gave up on that and converted them to an iso and tried imgburn.

Where to start? First off, there have been a lot of complaints about the burners that Dell uses—may just be the sheer volume of sales, but their rep on this point isn’t so good.

Next, your dvd burner uses a different laser for burning dvds than it does when burning cds. So it could be a hardware problem with that part of the dvd drive.

You’ve already done some of the obvious steps, like checking dma, trying different software and going to better media—Verbatims are the way to go by the way, unless you happened to get some Sony disks made in Japan. So the next step seems to be to try a different burner. I recommend the Pioneer 112, which you can get from for about $32 or so, depending on which color you want.

When you install it make sure to set the little jumper on the back of the drive to Cable Select. Its been a while since I worked on a Dell, but I believe they set up their IDE devices using Cable Select rather than Master or Slave settings.

Edit: You could also try uninstalling the dvd drive and rebooting the machine. The operating system will find the “new” hardware and reinstall it. I doubt this will help, but it is something to try before getting a new one.

Did you try to watch the movie after you copied it to your HD? I would do that just to make sure it was a good rip. If it plays on your HD and you still can’t burn it then maybe it is the burner.

Before you buy a new burner you may also consider trying to upgrade the firmware for your burner. As i’m looking at your screenshot i noticed that you’re burning at 4x. It could be that the burner can’t burn those particular dvds at 4x. I know it’s a shot in the dark but i’m just throwing things out here. :slight_smile:

< Next, your dvd burner uses a different laser for burning dvds than it does when burning cds. So it could be a hardware problem with that part of the dvd drive. > Thanks I didn’t know that … I learn something new every day on here.

<Did you try to watch the movie after you copied it to your HD? I would do that just to make sure it was a good rip. If it plays on your HD and you still can’t burn it then maybe it is the burner.> Yep it worked fine watching it through Cyberlink Powere DVD.

Yep updated firmware installed

<< I recommend the Pioneer 112, which you can get from for about $32 or so, depending on which color you want. >>

I been reading so much on burner reviews, etc … I am more confused now than when I started.
I have narrowed it down to Pioneer, LG or LiteOn.
Right now there is a big wide white cable hooked to the back of the DVD-Rom and to the DVD burner.
So is that an IDE cable? If so is that what I should get for when looking at new burners?
Any opinions on above 3 drives would be helpful.

Pioneer, LG and Lite-On are three of the most popular drives around here right now. I seriously doubt you’d go wrong choosing any of those three manufacturers, so it basically comes down to personal preferences. Just make sure to get an IDE interface drive and not a SATA drive.

Lite-On is a good choice if you want to do quality scans of your burns. Pioneer is unreliable for scanning, and LG doesn’t support that at all. Any of the three can do transfer rate tests though, if you are at all interested in checking your burned dvds.

LG drives are very good readers, and can sometimes read scratched disks that others won’t. I’ve never had one, but I remember Arachne saying that her LG drives like high quality blank disks, so buying cheap-o’s probably won’t work as well with them. Stick to Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim for the most part.

The Pioneer I mentioned is a very good writer. If high quality burns are paramount, you should consider it. I don’t know for certain that it is much better than the other two though, and individual burners can vary a bit anyway.

So, did that help or confuse the issue more?

Kerry 56, That was very helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

  1. Speed NOT important, I am patient.
  2. Quality burns ARE important!
  3. What is “quality scans of your burns”?
  4. “transfer rate tests” never done before, should I?
  5. Hubby gave me $50.00 tops including shipping for a new burner so money is a concern.

Is there particular burners that do better with DVD-R or DVD+R that you mentioned above?

Also is an .iso burned with imgburn as far as quality… the same as when I burned using Nero Express (vob, ifo & bup) or doesn’t it matter?
I’m not very technical about this stuff and learned to do it certain ways, but never really understood it.
In other words when I get my new burner should I re-install the Nero 6 (it came with the burner on my old Dell upstairs that hubby uses) and I installed it on my Dell E310 or look for some other software or use imgburn?

Found this on newegg
LITE-ON 20X DVD±R DVD Burner with 12X DVD-RAM write and LightScribe Technology Black E-IDE/ATAPI Model LH-20A1H-185 - OEM

  1. What is 12x DVD-RAM ?
  2. What is OEM mean?

My Dell E310 has on the D: drive DVD-ROM … but I am wanting to replace the E: drive that has the burner.

Kerry was helpful enough to tell me to look for a burner with IDE but am confused on above other two mentioned in description.

Quality scans are done with several different programs, the most popular one is Nero CD/DVD Speed. It is a free download, and comes within the full Nero burning suite as well. What they do is test how well your burner reads back the information that you have burned onto a disk and how the built-in error correction of the drive is being applied. It is NOT necessary to run quality scans on your disks, but you have wandered into the home of media/drive fanatics, so it is a popular activity around here.

The transfer rate test is a simpler test and shows the speed of the drive as it reads through the disk. It is a separate test within Nero CD/DVD Speed and is a pretty good indicator of how well the disk will be read in a drive or player. A smooth curve is what you want to see on the graph of that test. Big drops in read speed indicate some problems on the disk. Again this is the realm of media geeks, so it isn’t necessary for you to run this test, but you can confirm problems with your burns if you happen to get one that doesn’t play well in your dvd player.

$50 should be plenty if you are shopping online. I would recommend, and as reputable dealers. Newegg’s site is the easiest to navigate.

Media: Taiyo Yuden (usually found online these days) and Verbatim are the two most recommended disks these days. I would stick with these two types for the most part:

8x +R TY, which you can find at or Newegg

16x +R Verbatim which is often on sale at Best Buy

Another alternative would be 16x +R HP brand—going by posts around here, cause I haven’t gotten around to trying these yet. If you prefer -R, I would stick with Verbatim.
None of the newer models of LG, Lite-On or Pioneer should have problems with the disks I’ve listed.

I like ImgBurn for video, so I think you are on the right track using it. With the build function it can be used as a general purpose burning program too. If Nero 6 can recognize your new dvd drive, it should work as well. You might have to update it to the latest version of Nero 6.

Edit: DVD-Ram is a different type of recordable disk. It is re-writable and can be rewritten far more often than a dvdrw. DVDRam disks are fairly expensive though. That Lite-On has the capability to read and write to DVDRam in addition to the regular formats.
OEM means original equipment manufacturer. It is a shorthand way of saying it is not a retail version, so it won’t come with any extras, like software or cables.

Kerry56, What a brainy you are on this DVD stuff. Thanks for all your help. I’m off to find a new burner as 8 yr old is driving me nuts to watch “Night at the Museum”. New rules … until Mom can make a copy “I put in the DVD and I take out” no more using new movie’s as frisbee’s. LOL