I’m following the exact instruction for burning this game

(Burn using BlindWrite v4.5.7, remove AutoPlay and use ‘DAO PW’
writting mode, when asked to ‘physically include BWA information’
choose ‘yes’ and burn.)

but blindwrite gives me an error code:05 26 00

and it wont play if burn the regular way
anybody else as this problem or did anybody figured it out

this game looks wicked

Welcome daccker,

which protection is used by this game? Use aray or PID for scanning the .exe or .dll files.

I heard it’s using newest securom protection.
The success of burning the image has been on and off.
Some people have success, some doesn’t.

I post one of the solution (which works on mine, but the success hasn’t been confirmed by other users) below:

I successfully backed this up using Blindwrite 4.2.5
Burned with Liteon 24120B CDRW using BWA file made with ASUS 5224a

The disc installs and runs on both my Liteon burner and my Liteon DVD player but can’t be read by the ASUS

@Daccker What CD/DVD units are you using to burn this title?