Cannot burn audio tracks without pauses

I have just installed a new LG GSA 4163B, which got a nice review from here, and I am testing it now. When trying to record an audio CD without pauses among the tracks (I believe this is the “disc at once” method), which I have in my hard disk in WAV format, Nero shows a dialog (translated from Spanish, may differ slightly from what the English Nero would show):

[B]Audio pauses

Nero has detected that the writer does not support the following audio properties in the current writing mode so they have to be modified:[/B]

[in a white text area] The CD specification only allows a 2-3 seconds pause for [it seems that this message should be longer, but I cannot see more]

[B]Nero will change the audio tracks configuration so that they fit the capabilities of the writer. Some audio properties might be lost

OK Cancel[/B]

btw: Nero is not the last “Nero 6 Reloaded” but the last but one “Nero 6 Ultra Edition Suite”.

It does not matter through Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express, Track-at-once, Disc-at-once or Disc-at-once/96, the recording speed, or if I tell to burn the CD or only simulate it.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I managed to “decrypt” the message. I tried the Plextools and saw the following:

[b]Audio CD Maker.

The pregap of the first track must be at least 2 seconds. If you choose to continue, the pregap will be set to 2 seconds. Continue?

YES NO[/b]

Well, it seems that the message in the white text area should read “The CD specification only allows a 2-3 seconds pause for the first track”. Hmmm… I just guess now that there are lots of “first track gaps” like this among my compilations, and me ignorant about it, what a tragedy! :slight_smile: