Cannot Burn Audio in Nero 9: Settings, Media or Optical Drive?

Hello Everyone,
I posted this thread in the Hardware Forum, but since I use Nero 9, I thought it would be applicable here too:
I am trying to archive analog material, edit it in Nero WaveEditor, then burn to CD. I will summarize the process:
Analog material is recorded on a Denon DN-C550R standalone CD recorder; it has 24/96k A/D convertors. That disc is then ripped as .wav files to “Music” on my PC using Nero 9. The files are opened in NeroWaveEditor, edited and saved as “Save Tracks as Files” .wav files. The tracks are then added to NeroExpress, where I have been trying unsuccessfully to burn them to CD or CD-RW. I use a similar process to convert analog video to DVD/DVD-RW, using a Panasonic DVD recorder.

Here is the PC rundown:

[li]HPG60-235DX/PentiumDual-Core T4200-2.00GHz[/li][li]Windows Vista Home Premium–Serv.Pack 2[/li][li]Conexant High Definition Smart Audio 221–driver[/li][li]Intel® High Definition Audio HDMI–driver[/li][li]Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader–USB[/li][li]Slimtype DVD A DS8A2L-A–optical drive[/li][/ul]What upgrades should I make? Should I replace my optical drive and if so, with what kind? I have read numerous reviews of optical drives, but I don’t know exactly what to look for, except that I want high quality audio and video, with the flexiblity to upgrade (Blu-Ray?). What about my soundcard? The BIG question is should I upgrade to Windows 7 and if so, which version? Also, what else would I need to go from my PC to the Denon CD recorder, besides a USB-Optical cable adapter. This way I would be able to master my Nero audio projects on the Denon in real-time. Thank you for your time in reading this and any suggestion is greatly appreciated,
Eric :slight_smile: