Cannot burn any files to my DVDRW 1008IM with Nero ver 6.3



I have an Magic spin model DVDRW 1008IM drive that I can write files to with no problem with a CD. However if I try to write any file to a blank DVD using Nero ver 6.3, the tray will open and close several times and then request a blank DVD. Then it will open again when it is suppose to write and I get a message that burn failed because the tray was open.

I have written files to the DVD drive using an older version of Roxio so I know I am using the correct blanks. +R and have set the speed down to 2x with the same result.

The firmware of the drive is 54

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Welcome to CDFreaks Forum; The Nero 6.3 version you have is very old and may be troublesome try to upgrade that to the latest version of Nero6.