Cannot burn an .avi movie on DVD+R using Nero Digital-"Cinema"

I use Nero 7 Premium and have a Phillips DVDR-1660P1 recorder. When I try to Recode an avi movie from “Insert File” into a 4.7Gb. DVD+R through “Cinema” profile, I receive a BURN ERROR, after pressing BURN. It opens in background the NeroDigital Certified Devices web page!

Could you post the Recode log file?
But please do NOT post the serial number from the log…

The ND Certified devices web page is opened for most profiles unless you uncheck the checkbox “Show Nero Digital compatible devices” in the burn dialog.

Thanks for replying!
Let me copy paste it here! Need to translate errors:
First line-551 says: "System cannot find the directory"
all other lines say: “This object or name cannot be found”

********** Nero Recode **********


Merih Akyol
TENEKS Tekstil A.S.

Project type: Nero Digital
Target size: DVD5 (2282925)

13:19:17 File LangStreamPatcher.cpp, Line 56
Command table patching started…

13:19:17 File LangStreamPatcher.cpp, Line 135
All tables successfully patched!

Burn settings:
Target: PHILIPS DVDR1660P1
Number of copies: 1
Write speed: 0 KB/s
Temp folder: C:\Documents and Settings\MERIH AKYOL\Belgelerim\Nero Recode (5519831040 bytes free)
Direct burning: false
Target media: DVD R/RW; DVD R DL; DVD-RAM
NeroDigital profile: Cinema
Shutdown when finished: false
Advanced Analysis: false
Compress Adaptive: false

13:20:05 File burn_ndigital.cpp, Line 182
NeroDigital: init

13:20:06 File NeroRecorderBase.cpp, Line 517
Writing to disc: D

13:20:07 File NeroRecorderBase.cpp, Line 531
Free capacity on disc: 2288767 sectors (2295104)

13:20:07 File burn_ndigital.cpp, Line 288
NeroDigital: burning 2288767 sectors (1777743 required)

13:20:07 File burn_ndigital.cpp, Line 327
NeroDigital: Adjusting target size

13:20:07 File burn_ndigital.cpp, Line 369
NeroDigital: beginning 1st-pass operation

13:20:07 File burn_ndigital.cpp, Line 909
NeroDigital: encode BBC.Planet.Earth.1of5

Size (1280,720)
Display Aspect Ratio (1280,720)
Deinterlace disabled
Cropping enabled (0, 0, 0, 0)
Resizing enabled (1280,720)
Pixel ratio (1,1)
Bitrate: 9800000 bps

Watermark disabled
13:20:07 File burn_ndigital.cpp, Line 934
Nth-pass file = C:\DOCUME~1\MERIHA~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\BBC.Planet.Earth.1of5a00824.bin

ERROR in file:.\directshow\utils.cpp, line:551, error:Sistem belirtilen yolu bulamıyor.

ERROR in file:.\directshow\MediaDetect.cpp, line:549, error:Bir nesne veya ad bulunamadı.(0x80040216)
ERROR in file:.\directshow\MediaDetect.cpp, line:453, error:Bir nesne veya ad bulunamadı.(0x80040216)
ERROR in file:.\burning\burn_ndigital.cpp, line:2657, error:Bir nesne veya ad bulunamadı.(0x80040216)
13:20:07 File burn_ndigital.cpp, Line 224
NeroDigital: exit

This may be a problem due to some special characters in the path of the source video.
You could try the following:

  • create a directory C: est
  • copy the AVI you want to encode into this dir and rename it to test.avi
    => the path should be: C: est est.avi
  • now try to encode C: est est.avi
    Does this work now?

No unfortunately I receive same error: BURN PROCESS FAILED. DO YOU WANT TO SAVE THE LOG FILE?
Itried everything: 1-pass, 2-pass, Recode to DVD or Harddisc, HD TV or Cinema profiles, Best Quality or Extra Quality!
I am frustrated.
On the other side I have no problem “Making my own DVD” the same avi files.

What do you mean by “Making your own DVD”?
Do you mean using Nero Vision instead of Recode?