Cannot burn above 24x with 48x24x48 drive

ok this is my problem…
i just bought a cendyne 48x12x48 burner that actually turned out to be a 48x24x48 made by BenQ. I installed it and everything, it burns cds fine but I can’t seem to burn above 24x. I am using 32x media. When i right clicked the drive and go to “recording” tab I had the option for 48x at first but then later when i went back it had dropped to having a max speed of 24x. I am using the latest version of Nero and can only get it above 24x as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Again.

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sorry thought it might not get the attention on the noob fourm.

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try using different media (particularly faster-rated good media) to see if ur speed is still limited to 24x.

that makes sense, but the thing that gets me is what Xp is telling me the max speed is. When i click my computer, then right click the drive, go to recording, and then select the speed i am only given the option up to 24x. But, for a brief moment I had 48x and 32x up there. Now those options no longer appears. I know that nero will limit my options based on the media but wouldn’t XP show me all the options possible (as it briefly did) without any cd in the drive.

oh and also…
when i ran the nero info tool it gave me a maximum wrtie speed of only 24x. But when i used the drive speed utility in the toolkit it calculated speeds above 40x. I tried to update the firmware but the exe never worked properly and will just run forever and never finish. It is the same version the drive came with. I am trying to figure out if i should keep the drive or return it. I got it for $20, but I dont want to feel cheated that i bought a 48x and only got a 24x.

thanks again for any help

just try using different media first (48x or higher) and we’ll discuss the other possibilities later if it still doesn’t work.

I bought the Cendyne 48x12x48 cd burner at officemax and I use 32x CDr’s just as you did. I had the exact same problem with it degrading to a 24x and it even affected (or should I say infected) my other TDK CDRW drive and it would only burn at 24x. I just updated Nero also. I went to and downloaded the aspi updater and I even installed the dos driver from the nero express cd that came with the Cendyne cdrw drive. Now with the dos driver it says that it CAN burn at 48x, 40x, 32x, and etc. So I hope it works for you to install the dos driver.

thanks for the suggestion. I tried doin that and it sitll got downgraded to 24x. I dont see anything above 24x as an option. I called BenQ the maker of the drive and they told me to turn my ASPI controller DMA on if it was off. I thought they were on by default in Xp. Does anyone know how to change it or check it. When i went into my Bios the Ultra DMA for the drive was set to Mode 2 but i could not change it.

XP= DMa setting is in device manager under the entry for the IDE controller.

By the way, what brand of CDr’s are you using? I’ve also noticed (as it was suggested earlier to try 40x or 48x CDr’s) that the CenDyne burners aren’t as accomodating towards generic CDr’s like other more expensive CDRW drives are. So you may want to try name brand CDr’s like TDK or Imation. I guess we got what we paid for.