Cannot burn @ 8x speed on sony 16x DVDs

Hello to everyone on cdfreaks I hope your all doing well. About me Im A 40 yr old male and im more into motorcycles than computers or burning DVDs however I spend A good bit of time on this side of the fence. Now for my ? I hope someone can help I have A DYNEX 8x CD-R/RW DVD-R/RW Writer Which I havent had any trouble burning DVDs at 8X speed until now when I use Sony 8x-R DVDS every thing is fine burns A complete DVD in 10min. Now that I can hardly find Sony 8x and have started to use SONY 16xDVD-R disk I can only burn at 4x speed. I have updated what they call ( CD/DVD Update F/W Application ) and still can only burn @ 4x Any suggestions Thanks in Advance.

That burner is most likley to be a btc which I’m sorry to say, is a piece of crap. My guess about the most liklly cause is that the firmware doesn’t suport the media (and they are probably not putting a lot of effort into firmware updates) and so the drive is using a generic stratagy and defaulting to 4x (since it has ne idea what speed the disk is). Maybe you will get lucky and they will come out with a firmware update that will fix it. I havent seen a lot of sony 16x around (I’m guessing it is kind of new) so they probably havent added support for it yet.

Thanks for the info Ripit I guess ILL go ahead and buy A 16x burner any suggestions on what to look for.

The benq or nec seem to be the most popular right now and are both good drives. The benq 1640 or the nec 3540 are both good models. Newer models are out like the nec 3550. I’m not farmiliar with them but I would imagine that they would be good. You can usally get a good drive for about 40$ at newegg.