Cannot burn 600 MB's worth of MP3s to CD [?]

My wife was loaned three CDs of MP3s connected to a course she is taking and told to burn the material. Each CD is less than 700 MB, but the length of each segment ranges from a few minutes to 46 minutes. I saved the MP3s to my hard drive and attempted to burn the MP3s to CD using Nero Ultra 7 and Windows Media Player. Each time I tried I received error messages saying I exceeded the total time [80 minutes]. I thought that since the total sizes are less than the capacity of a CD it would be no prblem. How can I burn these to CD? Thanks for any advice. dg

Dell Dimension 8400-2: 3.4 GHz, 3 Gb RAM, XP Home SP 2, Seagate 160 Gb SATA hard drive [boot] and Seagate 400 GB backup drive. Promise ATA PCI 133 card w/Samsung 120 Gb storage drive. External 160 Gb Maxtor DiamondMax 10 storage drive. Linksys WMP54GS Wireless-G PCI Card, Dell 2007FP & Dell 1905FP LCDs. Key Connection Russian-English keyboard.

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Did you try them to burn as Audio CD?
If MP3 is okay for you, then just copy them. There should be a “copy entire disc” menu entry in Nero.


The mistake I made was that I saved the files and returned the CD. It’s all spoken voice, so MP3 is fine [I always burn .wav for myself]. But the problem is that although it’s only ~600 MB per CD, Nero is seeing each of them as many many hours over the 80 minute CD limit.


Make sure you are using the correct template in the Nero Burning ROM. You need ‘CD-ROM’ rather than ‘Audio CD’; if you choose the latter one then Nero will try to expand the mp3s back up to .wav files which are probably about 10 times the size.

Oh–OK–that makes sense. I definitely was using Audio CD and on the first one I think Nero Burning ROM said it was 800 mins over the limit. Will try that and report back. Thanks for all your help.

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I realized when I checked the program that I tried this previously and none of my CD players recognized the disc after I did. Are there any settings in the ISO dialogue box within Nero Burning ROM that I should change?

Are you cd players able to play mp3’s?

>>Are you cd players able to play mp3’s?

Definitely. The one my wife uses has “MP3” in huge letters right on the front, as does her discman. I’ve never burned ISO before and wonder if there are some settings in Nero Burning ROM that need to be changed before I burn. I’m @ work so I can’t open the program, but if I remember correctly there were two different data settings chioces as well as a few other options with which I’m not familiar.

Sure wish I could get to the bottom of this because I assured her it wouldn’t be a problem and now it is and she can’t do her school work unless she’s in front of the computer.


Correction: One of the CD players I tried previously does not play CD-ROMs. Reburned all three and they work on the unit that says MP3 on the front. Thanks to all who weighed in–I’m good to go.


And if you want to make some of those segments shorter, you can use MP3DirectCut. I use it to chop audio books into 6 minute pieces for easier indexing.