Cannot burn 16x with my LG 4165B

I have attached my 4165B as slave on the secondary IDE. Using Nero 7 I will only get 8x and 4x burn speeds. I am using memorex 16x DVD-Rs.

I tried updating the firware with no luck :eek:

Other then placing it as the master on that channel are there any ideas ?

What device is the master on the secondary IDE? Not a hard drive I hope?

Memorex is not a disc manufacturer. It gets other companies to make discs for them. The companies making one batch of discs can differ from that which made another batch. In other words, when you buy Memorex, you cannot tell what discs you are really getting. You need to find out the media ID of the discs you are having trouble with before we can tell if your drive supports them at 16x.

Its another LG burner 4108 or somthing only diff is that one doesnt burn 16X in DVD-R

Here is a link to the DVD’s I bought