Cannot Boot From CD

Running win2k from Tyan 2460 Dual Processor Mother Board.

On board controllers are inoperative so am using two Promise Controllers to drive my HDDs and CD drives.

Have BIOS set up with CD Drive first in boot sequence followed by “Removable Devices”.

My floppy disk is recognized and computer will boot from bootable floppy ------ but my CD Drive is not being recognized.

Anyone know how I can get the Promise Controllers to recognize the CD boot sequence priority prior to booting to my C Drive (with win2k OS)?

I need to boot from a CD to do an Acronis System Backup.

Hope someone can help.


Unfortunatly you ran into a snag people don’t mention. In order to boot off devices they have to be connected to your motherboard controller not addon card controllers. I know I tried that not with your same controller card but different and it doesn’t recongnize it only those connected to your motherboard controller will work. So if you lost your motherboard controller to boot from devices connected to it. That usually means time to get a new motherboard or if under warranty a replacement motherboard. That are you only two options right now. The only other thing is if your cd drive connected to the motherboard controller and it doesn’t work still it could mean a bad or dead drive? You should take that drive out and put into another working computer and see if their BIOS boot from cd works to be sure the drive is bad.

It[B] is [/B]possible to boot off of pci controller cards. You have to have the pci card listed first in the boot order of the bios of the motherboard. Often times this will be shown in the bios boot order as SCSI devices.

hmm I have a silicon A680 controller and it doesn’t do that even with my updated BIOS on the controller card and motherboard. In my past experience controller cards aren’t recognized as part of the Bootup process.

Results often vary due to limitations of the bios of the motherboard. Sometimes disabling the IDE controller in the motherboard bios will help, but you may not have that option.

From what I’ve read, this is really a hit or miss situation, where it works for one combination of motherboard chipset/bios, and not for others.

Thanks to all for your response & help.

I’ve been able to solve my problem by connecting the CD drive to the secondary IDE with the drive jumpered as master only. I had previously been unable to successfully use either the primary or secondary IDE when driving a master & slave ------- and had disabled both in my motherboard BIOS.

Apparently the secondary works okay when connected to a single drive device. I’m now back in business and ready to try a Aconis Restore ---- The Aconis boot disk is now recognized.

Thanks again to all who responded to my posting.