Cannot boot from a bootable CD



I can't boot from a BOOTABLE CD! :a
Anyways, it only boots from the CD if C drive is not bootable (ie: formated hard drive)
I am using SiS 630TM Chipset w/ a Award 6.00PG BIOs (I hope I get the version right :slight_smile: )
I checked the motherboard manual of the CMOS section, and with no luck, I also actually go in the CMOS and play around, but I didn't see anything such as first boot device and such...
Also have switched my DVD-ROM drive to Pri. Master, it worked but it won't detect the HDD, is there anything I can do so that it will boot from a CD?
Thanks :wink:



what is ur mb?

possibly your mb doesn’t support boot from cd(i doubt it, unless you got it off the ark :wink: )

look in bios for boot sequence, or boot order, or something like that.
then disable everything except for cd-rom(if bios allows ),

if not, it will allow you to define the boot sequence, just set the boot order to cd-rom -> floppy -> hdd

this will work, providing that the cd you are trying to boot to has the required boot files.

if not you’ll need to setup the old fasioned way, or get / make a working cd

hope this helps



If I understand softwareguy correctly, it can boot if the drive is connected as master on the primary channel so the problem seems to be one of just setting the boot sequence right.

Of course, sherman1 could be right, my own MOBO won’t let me boot from the CDROM either, even when I make a bootable CD and set it up in the BIOS; I have’nt really looked into it. My motherboard uses an Award BIOS as well and the Boot-up sequence is in one of the pages, very obvious.

If you really can’t change the boot sequence from your BIOS (which I doubt!) then there are DOS utilities around that can get into the CMOS parameters directly - can’t give you names off the bat, though. I suggest you make a search under CMOS and BIOS in Google. I’ll be looking into it myself out of curiosity.