Cannot backup Eagle Eye



I have tried with and it gets to 48% and then says there is a read error. Didnt have issues with other backups. Can anyone help me out. Thanks.


could be a dirty or scratched disc. clean the disc and try a different ripping drive. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I just finished backing this one up and had no problems. Do you have pathplayer always enabled and [B]NOT[/B] the default setting? Also try cleaning the disc and check to make sure it has no scratches.


Same as GJ no probs, will the disc play ok on your computer ? if not then you might have a bad press and need to return it


maybe it is another one of those dvd’s that as a strange structure around the layer break like the… :eek: …ur ah…dag nabbit…my brain just stopped :rolleyes: Tom quick pass the meds :bigsmile:


No problems with this one here either. :slight_smile: Customize/No Menus mode,