Cannot backup copy protected dvds with Nero

Hi, Ive just found this site… im not technically well up on pcs… im thick really… my problem is with nero… I used to be able to back up my dvd,s… ive copied discs for the kids so they dont riun them… but now for some reason… nero wont copy anything anymore… it just keeps saying…“THIS DVD IS COPY PROTECTED”… how come ive managed it before then?.. im using nero6 reloaded and recode2… any help would be great!!!


Nero never has and never will copy protected discs. You might have got luckey and the first few you did had no protection or nothing Nero cared about but now you got one or more that has. Anydvd and clonedvd should take care of all your burning needs.

Dvddecrypter and Dvdshrink will take care of many and is free.

me again… sorry it seems ive made a mistake by asking stoopid questions…lol… I dont want to annoy anyone … im gonna try searching for my answers…lol… but can anyone tell my WHY??? how come it used to work before???

thasnks for that… I thought I would get in trouble for asking the question…I must have been lucky I suppose… but I backed up quite a few, that were shop bought, when My nero software was new… I just dont understand… (scratching head)…lol… its been buggin me for weeks now… all of a sudden my dvd collection are copy protected… I will try what you suggest… Many thanks.


The question was not stupid :disagree:

Also you can use dvdfabdecrypter(free too) and for your question, that’s another thing with political and marketing backgrounds. :wink:

Ive just used dvdshrink… it worked… now im gonna try to burn… and it also made it region free… yipeee…

thats another question… had my xp for nerarly a year… and when new… I could watch all regions… so bought reg 1 off ebay… now my pc has set itself to reg2… so can only watch my reg1, on my dvd player… can pc region codes be changed???.. im probably in the wrong thread for this…


Buy and use CloneDvd and AnyDvd …this will negate the region problem and give you an excellent piece of software for copying dvds very quickly and neatly.

And you thought we didn’t like you :confused: Would we lie :disagree:

your going to need decrypter at some point and there are plugins that make it work better
And I did forget about DVDfab.

these programs will strip the region codes away so you don’t have to worry about that. Yet another feeble attempt by the industry to try and control things. Hey Glickman…Go eat another pencil or throw a chair like your buddy Ballmer. Just don’t throw it at me because ill throw it back alot harder :iagree:

Yes you can change the region codes, but only 4 times, then it locks itself, and wont change (even if you completely reinstall windows from scratch). Like stroppy said, the only way to get around this is by using anydvd, which will enable you able to play all regions.

Or flash your drive with a RPC1 firmware.

This is the free way of getting round this.

But AnyDVD is the bee’s knees for your machine and well worth the one off $30

Also flashing your drive can void the warrenty. So if you have no idea what you are doing id suggest getting anydvd

Thanks again for all your help… this site is fantasic…I had a few teething probs with the first burn…lol…but I used the wrong nero program… I used create your own dvd… instead of copy entire dvd… anyway… its working fine… as i said before… i really dont know nuthin about pc,s… and left school before the internet was invented… ive had no training at all… basically I just bought one one day… and had to teach myself bits along the way… so this website is gonna be really helpful… thanks again…