Cannot back up PBS dvds

When I try to back up some of my PBS dvds DVD Fab Platinum 4 cannot read the main files, for example the Ken Burns Civil War, or Abraham and Mary Lincoln it only showes about 30 meg. when I go through a full copy and then try to play the copy only the menu appears and a few extras, there is no error message, it like it dosn’t see the main movie.

I can copy all other movies fine. I tried copying to my hard drive, and copying as dvd9 but it still dosn’t see the main movie. I also tried clone to a dual layer but still no luck.

Enable path finder. When the size is reported way out of wack, pathfinder will do the trick. Also watch out for dual layer disks that report that they will fit 100% on a DVD5. If you enable path finder, you will get a different answer.