Cannot add file using nero3 express



I have nero 6 . I go to nero vision express 3 to create a dvd. I go to add file ,it then says it is unable to insert c drive movie . with bin files i can burn them but not any other file like avi.etc; please help me


i can’t add file to burn when using nero vision express3 i get a message saying unable to insert c drive movie etc; what can i do to add that file so i can burn the movie. i was able to add a file to burn with a bin file and a kvcd before and it burned the movies for me please help.


Please explain what you are trying to drag and drop into Nerovision?
Is it an MPEG/avi file, or is it a complete Video CD or DVD iso/bin/etc image?


Merged the two threads because the appear to be the same.


If you were doing this before with no problem then try to restore your windows system registry to a month or so ago reboot and try no to see if the problem gone.