Cannot add/change avatar?



I guess this is something to do with the forum changeover. I can’t seem to add or change an avatar. It says ‘Do not use avatar’ in my user cp and nothing else to click on to change it.




Thanks for the bug report.

This is a brand spanking new forum which has a few more options to be setup before it is wroking at 100%. Give the Management and Admin team a little time to go through everything.


I think I’ve fixed it. Please try again. Restrictions:

Custom Avatar Maximum Width (pixels): 64
Custom Avatar Maximum Height (pixels): 64
Custom Avatar Maximum File Size (bytes): 35480

Please check if it works and report back to us.


Works now thanks. 64x64 is a bit sucky though :stuck_out_tongue:


We have to think about our 56k-dial-up visitors too :wink:


Also 35480bytes * 86,000+ users = A whole heck of allot of space.


The avatar is linked offsite so it is not held on cdfreaks servers. I still think it’s too small. Most other forums allow a bit bigger like 120x


After being a member of CD Freaks for awhile now I look at other forums with large avy’s and even some that allow huge images in sig’s and think it’s rather tacky. It’s the posts that matter to me, not the avy’s :smiley:


I don’t see why ?
35 KB is a good improvement though - 30% more than before. Thanks for that !


I like bigger avaters. But then I never have any probs loading pages with bigger avatars. Usually it’s the sigs that can cause problems if too big. Like mine? :wink:

EDIT: Just noticed sig pics is turned off too. Can we have it switched on please? :slight_smile:


Sorry, no signature pics. On the old forum this was also disabled. If you want to use smileys in your sig that’s fine but no self made images.


Avitar editing is deffinitely not working here.


Hmm it’s disabled for Mods I see, sorry about that. Will fix it a.s.a.p!



Well now we know for sure how mods rate around here! :stuck_out_tongue:
As you can see, working nicely, thanks once again. :cool:


Hehe :slight_smile:

Aaah more monkeys!


Yes, that part already was clear to me. But I wondered why ?
Wouldn’t visiting an art gallery be a much nicer alternative ?


I cant change. Maximum size -1 by -1 pixels. Thats a bit small methinks…


Big enough for air. :bigsmile:


Found the problem by trying to change Hemi’s avvy (sorry ;))
Have PM’ed DoMi to fix it…