Cannot Access Blank CDR/CDRW



"D Not Accessible"
Hi folks,
I've got a problem with a CDRW which has recently
arisen. I had the same problem with another CDRW several
months ago and wound up replacing it with this one;
as I recall, even the replacement had the same problem and
Iwas forced to reformat the drive to get it to work.
Anyway, hopefully somebody in here can bail me out.
My box is a home built job.
Basic setup is as follows:
1Gig AMD Thunderbird
Windows 98SE
"LITE-ON-LTR12101B CDROM-reported by "Device Manager"
Brand Name of CDRW (note it IS actually a CDRW)
"Pacific Digital Internal IDE/ATAPI CD-RW Drive"
This thing can and will presently access ANY CDR or
CDRW media which has -existing- data on it such as
MP3s or a game CD.
However, when I insert a -blank- CD or CDRW
disk, I get the following message when using
Windows Explorer:
"D:\ Not accessible. The device is not ready"
Looking under "My Computer" / "D" with a blank
media disk inserted shows the following:
CD-ROM Disk, file system FAT, used space 0 bytes,
free space 0 bytes, capacity 0 bytes, Drive D
Under My Computer/System/Devices I have the
following showing (I show NO conflicts, BTW)
GENERAL TAB: Device Working Properly
SETTINGS TAB: Firmware Revision LS3B
Target ID: 0
OPTIONS: Disconnect -enabled
Sync Data Transfer NOT enabled
Auto Insert Notification - Enabled
Current Drive Letter Assignment: D
DRIVER TAB: "No driver files are required or have been
loaded for this device. To update driver
files for this device click "update driver".

Any help/assistance you folks can offer me would
be greatly appreciated.


You will get that message when the discs is empty. You must use a program and write something to the disc before you could access it in explorer…

So I don’t understand your problem:confused:


Also try a full erase/format of the CDRW.