Cannon MP610 for printing CD/DVD



Hi to all,
Recently I purchased a cannon MP610 for printing CD/DVD and find it to be a really good printer. I mostly chose this printer because the ink cartridges can be refilled and the chip can be reset.

The only annoying thing I found is that it will not print CD/DVD’s right up to the centre hole, is this a common thing?
have you guys found other printers that print the entire CD/DVD?



I also have this excellent little unit and it will print right up to the centre circle.
Open the cd\dvd print window
Go to file\select paper
either click on new or edit whats already there
To print to centre put the inner size to around 22mm for normal discs and 43 mm for d\l discs.
You can leave the outer setting as is unless you also want to print up to the edge, in wgich case add an extra 1mm to the size.

Hope this helps.


Thanks magicday I didn’t realize that I could change the inner circle that way.
My next prints are going to be great.

Best regards