Cannon ip3000

does any1 have this printer? if so i would like to know if any of u have experienced this problem my colours are wrong that in the way off the black becomming brown and blue becoming purple

now when i go and do the nozzle check the colours running _______that way straight across r fine but the 1’s going down the side that r ment to b black and silver are not i get the top 1 balck then the rest are brown its like it is not mixing together any help with this issue?

I have even removed the software and re=installed :Z

It kind of sounds like either you have some clogged nozzels or maybe a defective ink cartridge. The ip3000 makes black from all three colors so the amount of each color is critical. If one of the ink cartriges is not feeding corectly, it will throw off the ballance of the three colors. try removing and reseating the ink cartriges. Fyi I know that you have black ink, but your ip3000 works the same as my old i850 did. The pigment black is only used for text. Black in graphics and photos use the three colors to make black. Fyi I am now using an ip4000 (still have the i850 though). It has the same pigment black as yours that is only used for text, but also has an aditional dye black that is used in graphics and photos.

they all were replaced at the same time and all seem to b using the same amount i will have to try replaceing the cartriges and c what happens :bow:

Did this start after changing ink?

yer pretty much bought a generic brand i never used b4 from a chinese owned shop but i have used generic since i had this machine with no probs but last lot only the colours were replaced with a brand i have not used b4 :iagree:

Hopfully it is just off color ink and it didn’t damage the print head. You have to be very carfull with what ink you buy. If you want compatible cartriges, get abakus (not sure if I spelled that right). I havent tried them but have herd from plenty that they work good. If you want the best refill ink out thier, try media street. The color id dead on and it has been tested and can actually compete in ability/quality with real canon ink. Its avalable here
The kit comes with easy to refill replacment cartriges, well worth the money. I have used lots of this stuff for 5 years through my i850 and now through my ip4000.