Canned/compressed air

i see many references to canned/compressed air that users here use to clean dust off their discs.
what is this exactly? what exactly is in the can? is it 100% air?

the only “Dust Cleaner” i could find here in an Office Depot store was “Dr. Byte Dust Cleaner”

the text in the pics in the above URL says “compressed air for cleaning computers. good for keyboards and computer surroundings”.
on the can itself it says it contains Butane and Propane (sp?)
if i use it on a disc it leaves a residue which slowly evaporates. or maybe not? something evaporates but maybe some junk remains.

also, what’s “duster” ? (mentioned a few times lately).

I have two different cans of compressed air currently:

  1. Bantex Compressed Air 400ml
    Contains Propane/Butane

  2. Gepe Air Duster 400ml
    Contents unspecified, but it’s flammable so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s also Propane/Butane

So none of them really contains “air” but rather “gas”.

They should be used upright and in short bursts. Otherwise you risk liquid residue on the surface youre spraying, and it won’t all evaporate so you’ll have to wipe it off which kinda defeats the purpose.

OK thanks. so i guess i’ve got it.

if the can is held vertically when used then there’ll be no residue on the disc ?

Well when you shake the can the first jet of air that comes out tends to be a bit liquified so i tend to do the first spray away from the disc. Apart from that just do like drage said.

There could be residue on the disc if you press the spray valve for too long. Use short bursts to avoid this.

A duster is another name for a soft cleaning cloth (at least, that’s what we Brits consider a duster!).

What about a hair dryer ? :slight_smile: A [I]dust-filtered[/I] hair dryer ? :eek:

The heat. It’s the heat…?


Mmmm, the whiff of a freshly singed disc…:smiley:

[I]Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner…[/I]
Actually, there are models of hair dryers that can (also) blow cold air :slight_smile:

now i know i heard that one, can’t remember where…Goodfellas ?

Heat :slight_smile:


I [B]blow[/B] away dust myself from my discs :eek: no kidding !

You can be sure it’s not air in the can. To get enough air in the can to clean one disc the pressure would be so great the can would need to be made of 1/4 inch thick steel.

It’s a substance that liquifies under moderate pressure. When a gas liquifies, it’s volume decreases enormously. so you get a lot more in the can than if you used air.

My can of Memorex “Air duster” contains 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane, and it’s non-flammable. As you mentioned, butane and propane would work but they are flammable.

I think freon was used at one time, but it’s now illegal because of it’s effect on the ozone layer.

I don’t know what is left behind on your discs. Maybe some impurity.

I don’t use the compressed gas on my discs. I have been using alcohol in a squeeze bottle, but the alcohol can get on the other side of the disc and mar the label. I will try distilled water the next time. The only problem I envision is it will take longer to dry. I sometimes spin dry them in my DVD burner but I suppose my burner might not like that.

I’m mentioning it rather often, so here is exactly what I use.

Actual lenght: ~9 inches (~23 centimeters).
Efficient, cheap, antistatic, easy to clean and dry.
Made in Taiwan :bigsmile:

Small drawback: among the discs I’ve used it with, TYG02 and CMCMAG E01 ended slightly (very slightly) scratched. So slightly that there is no impact on scans. :cool:
No such thing with MCC, MXL, TDK, MBI and +R TY discs. No such thing either with any CDR (but then again, I have no el-cheapo CDRs :bigsmile: ).

Hmm I just use my finger to wipe away small particles.

I don’t make any smudges as I don’t have sweaty fingers and I do it under a strong lamp so I can see exactly what I am doing.

Wiping with cloths always, always seems to just get tons more particles of dust on the disc.

The little brush Francksoy just posted a pic of seems like it’s made of fine plastic brushes, which would probably wipe away particles without adding more to the disc :slight_smile:

didn’t I see that one on CSI a while back? :iagree:

If theres a dust particle that the air cant move which is’nt often i use a lint free cloth one of the ones that you get with specs.

As [B]DrageMester[/B] said before, tiny spit particles can get to the disc surface after that.
I sometimes catch myself doing that too, but I try to avoid it.