Candy amongst other yummy things

What’s your poison?

Jelly Beans. Yummy :slight_smile:

i like donuts…don’t really eat candy that much…except for a butterfinger here and there

Chocolate of course :stuck_out_tongue:

danish butter cookies

Chocolate (browniessss :bigsmile: )
And ontbijtkoek met een dikke laag boter ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, my name is Dave & I’m a Chocoholic. That’s the 1st step, right?

chocolate covered strawberries !!! oh yeah … that is pure heaven…

Any BeeR will do

A healthy protein bar

Elke ochtend voor ontbijt. :iagree:

LOL. :bigsmile:


You covered in vanilla chocolate and nothing else. (Perhaps a little whip cream on certain spots) Now that’s Heaven! :bow:

chocolate salty balls…

anything that’s sweet and doesn’t have that fake sugar/sweetener crap in it…

any/all fake sweet stuff is gross… :Z

you must be very fat then… eh? :slight_smile:

nope…gotta love a high metabolism :wink:

What the heck is a chocolate Salty Ball? :confused:

Aaaaaah, I get it now,Thanx. Never watched that show, Sorry!!

You should do so… It’s fuck’n funny…:slight_smile: