Canceled a DL burn with my 1650 and now windows won't recognize the drive

I was burning a DL disc with imgburn and tried to open dvd identifier by mistake. The burn froze and I tried to cancel imgburn and exit. I had to reboot my pc and now windows will not recognize my benq 1650. I manually removed the disc but the led stays lit and the drawer won’t open by pushing the button. Did I fry my drive?

Just try and shut off you PC for a minute then restart. When you reboot power never leaves the drive so it will stay in the same condition. With Power off it should resume normal behaviour on restart. We hope.:slight_smile:

I shutdown my pc and unhooked and reconnected the IDE and power cables and now windows does recognize the drive and the led is off and the drawer works but the drive will not recognize any media now. Looks like it is toast. I’ll sut things down for a bit but it doesn’t look good. Thanks. Bad part is my drive is less than 1 week old.

If you are tyring to read back the DL burn you cancelled that disc would be a coaster and unreadable as it never finished the burn. Can you try a pressed DVD if you haven’t already?

Yeah, I know the DL I was burning is now a coaster. I tried dvd’s pressed, blank, and burned backups. No luck. The only thing I haven’t tried is a cd. It’s unhooked. I’ll try it again later just for the hell of it. Guess it’ll be going back to newegg. Can’t do anything till tuesday anyway. Thanks.

Mort81, not sure this will help, but what about reflashing your drive. :wink:

Ofcourse, if your laser (DVD part) is fried then this won’t be much of a help, either if drive is still able to read/burn CD’s.
Both parts have to work.