Cananyone help with this problem that I have

Hi everyone my P.c has developed a curius problem and I wonder if anyone can help.
Lately for some when I go into my computer my hard drive “C” is not showing as it should with the usual drive icon but as a file icon. i have tried changing themes, in fact I have tried all ways to show it as the original icon but to no avail.

I have tried to post a pic from a screen dump but dont know how to do it so I have described it as best I can

Hopefully this will show my screen

I have tried to fix it using tweak ui,
and I have gone into the display properties and changed the color setting from 32 bit to 16 and then back again, and I have deleted the file “IconCache.db” from my profile directory and rebooted. Still doesnt work

Try here:,1895,1847172,00.asp

It relates to changing the icon but it should steer you to the source of the problem at least.

You are bloody brilliant, I went to that link and followed the instructions and it works fine…

Thanks a lot, I owe you one

You are very welcome. Glad it all worked out.