Canal+ With Miro PCTV (PRO)



Did anyone succeed in decrypting canal+
with an Miro PCTV (PRO)

I tryed it a couple of times with some decrypters..but it didn,t work



check this out

here you will find all the answers


I have decrypted canal+ with CCrypt but I still can’t get the audio, I think I have tried every audio decrypt program that’s availably on the Internet.

So if there’s somebody who knows a decrypt program that works, than let me know.

By the way, I also use the Miro PCTV Pro.


does anybody now other software to download
(not that url above)… Because I don’t now how to yuse them they are very difficult.
Please mail me to explain how to encode canal plus. And how to set up some tv channels in this program that is showin’ above…



tryed that ccrypt…

but its difficult setting up…

Just keep trying i think

(BTW)Thanx for the url


Try the URL below, drcrash.
They give you some info on how to set-up ccrypt and there’s also some other info on this site regarding this subject.

It took me a week to set-up the program the way it worked with canal+, and it is still not always stable.
Plus I’m still working on audio decrypting, it is very hard to descramble the audio stream from canal+.

Maybe somebody has some suggestions?



thnx for the url…

they have quite some info there…



can somebody explane me how to set up the
frequenties in ccrypt!!! When I choose options, configure channels and typ the freqeuntie of canal+ 1 (182.25) It will always change to 41000000.

please I would like to have settings from you guys…