CANAL + how to decode with tv card (ook nederlands)



How can I decode Canal + with a pinnacle systems StudioPCTV pro ?

I once saw a message about it, but I can’t find it anymore…


ik heb pas een pinnacle systems StudioPCTV pro gekocht (met hcc trouwens, dus das alweer teringlang geleden) en had daarvoor hier ergens message gezien ivm met decoderen canal + WIE kan me hiermee helpen???




you will need the program ccrypt I don’t now where to download but somewhone else in the form replyed with an url look for that

with ccrypt it is possible to encrypt the canal+ signal


Yeah…but no sound !!!

They can’t encode the sound…
I think you can buy that software for 45fl
somewhere… look in the soft section of thsi forum…



just mail me i sent it you