Canal + Decryptor



I heard there is a application that allows you to watch canal + 4 free on ur PC in the NL. Where to download ?


Yes its possible look at


Moby Dick


Hi Purbe, what the hell has happened to your site it showed so much promise, but with the lack of updates and such it seems 2 b going down the pan. How’s the Freedrive thing working out is it still giving u a hard time.

Ch5 Micky


Try the URL below, Purbe.
They give you some info on how to set-up ccrypt(that’s the program I use for my Miro PCTV Pro card) and there’s also some other info on this site regarding this subject.

It took me a week to set-up the program the way it worked with canal+, and it is still not always stable.

Plus I’m still working on audio decrypting, it is very hard to descramble the audio stream from canal+, I have tried several programs.

Maybe somebody has some suggestions?