Here's a few shops of ours that came to mind.

Feel free to add more as you think of them!

NCIX in British Columbia In Richmond Hill (Toronto)

Computers-Canada Search Engine

PC Canada

GB Computers: English & French site

SoHo Diffusion


Nice thanks bro
I know that La centrale Informatique is a good place, but I don’t know if they ship to other provinces.


If you’re in the Montreal area you should pay a visit to Frosty’s

It’s a small place in Kahnawake with usually very good prices. Got my Lite-ON and most of my media there.


I always check out
they have a few locations, and I think one of them is in Kingston.
The others are in Toronto and GTA :slight_smile:

Their prices are pretty good compared to the other places.
I bought a few things there before and I was qiute satisfied.

btw, make sure you read
if you wanna order something online. I would always advise to check out the actual store if you can :slight_smile: