Canadians using Videotron for filesharing - beware

I just posted the article Canadians using Videotron for filesharing - beware.

Several news sources
are reporting that CRIA (Canadas RIAA) has jumped on the bandwagon and has
begun to hunt down folks sharing copyrighted material. But this source posted on…

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i wonder how many customers they are going to loose,why not just get back the old dial up and let them loose millions on their customers cancelling thei accounts becuase people dont have privacy??i know that i would just cancell my account and dont even bother with them also i would switch to a dish not any of their cable services what for what are they doing for me ???they can eat S***!

gexx, I am apalled by the position that Videotron has taken. This is an issue of privacy and should not be taken so lightly. Sure they may be someones biatch but they need to look at the whole picture. What will be next that could erode the customers right to privacy? They should be very cautious as there have even been mistakes made in identification of people in the US by the RIAA as well. I say don’t throw gas on the fire- just follow the law as neeeded, keeping your customers in mind first. Having said that, they have some wickedly fast connection services that are so tempting to those that DL a lot- up to 4 mbps downloading and 640 kbps uploading :stuck_out_tongue: for a reasoable cost. It is almost like entrapment. I would have to say they are going to have no problem getting folks to sign up. Everyone wants a bargain. Just my 2 cents.

Most ISP’s could’nt care what you download,with good reason you are paying a month fee every month! Most have given a wide berth between themselves and any RIAA type organisation. Most refuse to even send warning emails for downloading films etc let alone give out details. This foolhardy company all but wipes the RIAA’s backside. I can see a mass exodus,afterall what use is superfast speeds if they will grass you up as oon as sign you up. What else are you gonna use such a massive high speed connection for flicking through web pages? I’m sure the canadian press will have this story running as well,nice time for it’s competitors to say we will protect your privacy,to get loads of new connections. It makes me laugh ,all these things do is encourage piracy and downloading they cannot get it into their thick heads people do not like being dictated to. If you spilt a drink in a bar then a bar tender said clean that f’in mess you’d tell them where to go,get the picture,but such is the fear of downloading they are blind,rabbits in the headlights scenario and by the time it’s over any ISP remotely though of supprting the RIAA or similar will be bust and the RIAA will be verging on it as well(or at least it’s members). We want fair prices,if we are downloading legal stuff it has to be way cheaper than buying the cd as our time,equipment is valuable to use(oh and we pay a monthly fee for our connection) so until such times as the labels finally see sense any ISP supporting them will be blacklisted.

The Canadians take their Privacy Act very seriously , this action leaves company wide open, because the laws are very specific as to whom , how and what way the information can be made available to interested third parties! But since the current Canadian PM Stephen Harper is but a compliant sheep rubber stamp , undoubtedly their will be a sly sponsored amendment by Minister Bev and her in bed dollar supporters to the act late in the Parliamentary session to bypass public input , just to enable CRIA 's very illegal blanket hunt and search access to all data held by Canadian ISP’s!