Canadians are among the greediest software pirates

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Whether it’s right or wrong people arent going to pay hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office or twice as much for Adobe Photoshop. It’s just not going to happen when pirated software is easily available all over the internet. Now anybody can downlaod pirated software with the new p2p networks. If a person likes the software, they’ll bye it. If they’re not familiar with it, they’ll pirate it.

Poor Canucks…Funny that they don’t mention all the Asian countries as their piracy rates are a lot higher than Canada’s. Singapore, Taiwan, India, etc. are well known to have 70-80% of their software pirated…The Middle East is also just as bad. I was stationed in Kuwait City, Kuwait and there’s a whole street in downtown that sells nothing but illegal software, movies, etc.

Singapore’s Piracy rate is not as high as malaysia or china.China piracy rate in one of the highest at 97%. You can hardly find any priated software in the streets in Singapore anymore,unless you know where to look…

Or 'cause Canadians are smarter?

being a Canadian I agree with the111. :4 However, I admit I have pirated SW on my home computer and my work computer. I would probably say that 40% of my home is pirated and 50-60% of SW on my work is pirated. I don’t think it matters where you go, Canada, USA, Singapore, Asia, etc…it doesn’t matter everyone is going to have pirated SW.

Well, I think Mexico is like China. The only original software you’ll find is on corporations… only fool ordinary people will buy an original program here. And since EVERYTHING is cracked… This is due to the extreme high prices of the software and the extereme low salaries in Mexico, so all that can be done (and no one will reply) is to get pirated software. And, it can be bought everywhere, even in the streets.

Would Adobe really have made $500 bucks off some 15 year old kid who downloaded Photoshop just to put Britney Spears head on some naked chick?

I think it’s getting “better” now, but when I was in Hong Kong, there’re shopping malls that dictates in selling pirated CD in every store. I couldn’t FIND a store that sells legit software.

It’s the same old argument for this one. If you break down the actual to-market cost per disk for a piece of software like Microsoft Windows XP, I would imagine that it costs Microsoft less than five bucks per copy…that’s shipping, packaging, advertising, etc. Microsoft then decides that they are going to sell the package for $300.00+ (pro version)…hmmmmm, that’s a mark up of about 6000%…seems fair doesn’t it?? NO…Microsoft would be much further ahead to charge say $50.00 for a copy of Windows…software piracy would drop through the floor, people would feel that they are getting what they paid for, students could afford it…and this applies to all software companies. It’s time they took a different approach, stop spending millions and millions of dollars trying to prevent piracy, chop your prices to a reasonable level, watch your legitimate sales go through the roof, and stop whining about the increase in software piracy. Just a thought from one of those Greedy Canadians :slight_smile: D