Canadian Verbatim Deals



Future Shop, Verbatim 2.4X DL, 20 pack spindle = $24.99. I bought a spindle today, but all I could find was made in India. See the first result here.

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Staples flyer, April 23 - May 6 2008. Verbatim 16X, 50 pack spindle Dvd+/-R, $16.96. Verbatim 16X, 25 pack spindle Dvd+/-R, $8.85.


Staples flyer, Verbatim 16X Dvd+/-R, 100 pack spindles, $29.96. Verbatim 16X Dvd+/-R Lightscribe, 30 pack spindles, $19.86. Future Shop flyer, Verbatim Cd-R, 50 pack spindle, $22.99.



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Future shop have dropped their price again on Verbatim 25-Pack 8X 4.7GB DVD-R Spindle. $4.95 a spindle. I placed an order and ground shipping was free.

I bought some of these back in January and they were MIT.


Welcome & thanks for the heads up.


The Source By Circuit City, Verbatim 16X DVD +/- R 50 pack spindle@$9.99. Available in store and online till May 28. Free shipping on order over $25.


Would somebody who can, please change the title of this thread to Canadian Verbatim/TY deals. I would appreciate it.

Anybody living in or near Strathmore Alberta. They have a load of Sony 8X Dvd+R, 50 pack spindles, made in Japan, MID=YUDENT02. Also Sony 8X Dvd-R, 50 pack spindles, made in Japan, MID=TYG02. These are currently on sale for $18.97 each in Wal-Mart.


Staples flyer, Oct 8-21/08. Verbatim 16X Dvd+/-R, 100 spindle, $19.96. Verbatim 8X Dvd+R DL, 15 spindle, $24.99. Future Shop flyer, Oct 10-23/08. Verbatim 16X Dvd-R HS Lightscribe, 30 spindle, $12.99.


Future Shop flyer October 24-30, Verbatim 100 spindle, 16X Dvd+/-R, $24.99. Verbatim 20 spindle, 2.4X Dvd+R DL, $22.99. Staples flyer, Verbatim 50 spindle, 52X CD-R, $17.55.


Verbatim DVD-/+R 50-pack Inkjet Printable spindles for $14.96 @ Staples.

Question though: other than the fact they have white tops you can print on, are these still your good quality MCC 004 discs? Assuming of course you follow the same rules for spotting CMC-made discs over Prodisc-made ones. I’ve never actually bought printable discs before.


Saucerful… I have bought them from staples before and they are fine as far as scanned quality burns , they read as MCC 004 and they have had the same great results :slight_smile:


Future Shop, Verbatim 8X Dvd+R DL, 15 spindle, $19.99. The ones I got were made in Singapore.


10% off on those Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL at Future Shop December 8. Customer appreciation sale.

Also, if you don’t mind slower speed burning, has 25 packs of Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R [U]single layer[/U] for $2.95.


Thank you for the heads up, saved me some cold hard cash. Brought what I bought Saturday down to $18 per spindle.