Canadian record industry to educate by P2P Instant Messaging



I just posted the article Canadian record industry to educate by P2P Instant Messaging.

 The Canadian Recording  Industry Association (CRIA) is ramping up  for another salvo in the crusade to educate the file-sharing  masses. CRIA President Brian Robertson categorizes...
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heh, well they are right about one thing. “It is estimated that Internet file-sharing has doubled in volume in the last year to over one billion files at any one time. The resulting retail sales losses have exceeded 0 million in Canada alone in the last three years”. I know thats not the text in the article on the original website, but thats how it shows on cdfreaks, and that is accurate right there :B


OOPs! I’ll fix that shortly! You are correct it should read 250 million dollars (Canandian?) :wink: