Canadian music uploaders may face legal action from CRIA

I just posted the article Canadian music uploaders may face legal action from CRIA.

  Well we knew it was  coming sooner or later. Earlier this week, the Canadian legal system  declared downloading copyrighted files off the Internet via P2P a legal right.  Apparently,...
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It appears that those in power in the CRIA have their eyes and ears painted on, or they would have realised the subversive jackbooted approach (ala RIAA) doesn’t really work. Yeah sure, it stopped a 12yro girl and a grandmother getting rich beyond their wildest dreams…but overall cd sales are still down and platter piracy is still coasting. While tactics used by the RIAA may serve as warning to the uninitiated and the unknowledgeable, to the wider spectrum, it made them look like arrogant morons and gave them a reputation they will never shed…I thought the canadians were a little smarter…and if not…mebbe a little wiser…doesn’t it really piss ya off that those making all the big decisions normally have the IQ of a ditch and the personality of a dialtone…God save us from corporations who’s collective IQ is the same as the average of their hat size…:X

how do they proof the uploaded music is from Canada? Aslong as they can’t proof that…the downloader had nothing to fear…i guess

What makes me puzzled is that it seems the music industry suddenly discovers that music copies suddenly appears with Internet and CD burning. They don’t seem to realize cassettes were invented way before the CD became popular. They also succeeded to get the government to levy a hefty tax on all blank media wether the media was for hd backup or for music copying. Now, if I’m going to pay taxes for the music industry just in case I copy music or not, I guess they can now satisfy themselves with my taxes!