Canadian Music Store takes the DRM off 50,000 songs

I just posted the article Canadian Music Store takes the DRM off 50,000 songs.

The Canadian online music store Puretracks Inc. is stripping the DRM from 50,000 songs of its music catalogue which will allow these tracks to be played on any MP3 player including the iPod and…

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It’s about time. Let’s us give it up for democracy !! :slight_smile:

I’d like to add that Nettwerk is one of the Canadian labels that started this movement back when Napster made file-sharing popular and other labels representing some of the artists (you know who) started sueing users. Their stance on this, as well as other RIAA-employed processes such as DRM, have not sat well with them, as can be shown on their own website and online music store. Here’s a really good quote from their “About” page: “Litigation is destructive, it must stop … as per Nettwerk copyrights, we have never sued anybody and all our music is open source to encourage fans to share it with others and help us promote our Artists. As per those Artists we manage on other labels (Majors), we take issue with those labels claiming that litigating our fans is in our interest, as it clearly is not.” This was a Canadian idea, and before Apple, and before Yahoo, it was an idea that was years ahead of what makes it so relevent now. :g