Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association books success against pirates

I just posted the article Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association books success against pirates.

Police officers from the Peel Regional Police Street Crime Unit (Canada) have arrested a 22 yeard old man from Oshawa who was selling pirated copies of recent movies. He was…

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Now THIS is what they should be worrying about. Not us making backups, but the slimy bastards trying to make a profit.

way to go mounties, two guys of no fixed address selling bootleg copies from the tunk of a car are in custody, at last the world is safe

I bet if the MPAA had anything to do with this, we would be hearing that they had millions of dollars in dvd’s confiscated. In total it was 377 dvd’s tht were taken, something like that. Being sold fro 3 for 20 bux. They deserved what they got, and these are the people they should be going after, not those of us that want legit backups like Bob Loblaw states

So they didn’t find any terrorist plans or international criminal money laundering going on…? But i thought that’s what piracy was funding :B

OK, this is a well-done job by law enforcement. This is what and how it should be done. They rightfully nailed a guy making illegal profits from the work of others. The rest of what their so-called anti-pairacy “campaigns” are doing? Pure unadulterated thuggery.