Canadian folks: new TY at

TY -R 8x are now available at 51$can for 50 (TY02) at!

This is a lot better than NCIX “deals”, and shipping is much cheaper with blankmedia.

Way the go blankmedia.

With shipping cost added, still a $2 saving over the NCIX deal. Good for us in Vancouver too. Now I am looking forward to the TY Fuji DVD to hit our market.

And they also have Inkjet printable TY8x - but they cost more. 65$ for 50.

For me, NCIX sucks: they have bad and stupid service. has new stock of inkjet printable TY DVD-R and DVD+R 8X for a shade over CDN $1.00 per disc. They are also now stocking Mitsui Gold CD-R with the claim that they are the absolute best quality CD-R media.